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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Second Place Beckons: Twins 5, Angels 2

An inside-the-park home run from Joe Mauer off Scot Shields. Mike Scioscia pinch-hitting Robb Quinlan, a righty, against right-handed Boof Bonser instead of ninth-hitting Reggie Willits. (Not that I think Scioscia made the wrong move there, more that Willits is proving himself incompetent at the plate lately, thus fanning my fears that he's a two-month wonder.) Casey Kotchman back to making meek outs to the right side of the infield. I gather this team is more interested in watching the games in October than they are in actually participating in them.

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I had Willits on my fantasy team for the best of times. Reggie is now finding out what life is like on the other end of Dickens' quote.
There are those who like to point to his walks as a way of justifying his failure to keep up the hitting part of his offense. He hasn't had a walk in six straight games, now, either.

I smell a benching coming up.

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