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Friday, July 20, 2007

Tragic Seats: Mets 13, Dodgers 9

I inherited another of the magic seats, but so far these seem to be drained of anything like that; in the last couple games I've attended, the Dodgers haven't had such good luck. This time, Derek Lowe came off the rails early and often, giving up six runs in a huge first inning explosion that featured a lot of balls in the air, a sure sign he's wrong. As it was, we couldn't make it to the park on time (driving in from Westwood again, dammit), and so we got to listen to Vinny call a game that was immediately disappointing.

Things brightened up for the Dodgers a little in their half of the first, getting back a pair, but they never tied it and never really got close. With Lowe out of the game by the third after giving up nine runs, the Dodgers trotted out a string of relievers that included Mark "Lurch" Hendrickson, probably tossing on his work day anyhow, and Roberto Hernandez, the recently jettisoned Cleveland Indian who efficiently dispatched the three batters he faced in the seventh and the only Dodger pitcher who failed to be scored against. That doesn't take anything away from D.J. Houlton's outing, but it's not a good omen that the Dodgers are struggling to get good performances from their starting staff, especially their alleged stopper, right after the All-Star break.

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ROB - I saw you on the jumbotron - wearing a jersey or teeshirt with #16 on it, was that you?

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