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Friday, July 20, 2007

Escobar Gets Jobbed: Angels 3, Devil Rays 0

Oh, please. Escobar was the hero of yesterday's game, and not by a little. He's pitched a quality start plus in seven of his last eight starts... Garret Anderson was just doing his job, a job he hasn't done nearly well enough this year and over the duration of his current contract for that matter. Did you know that GA is hitting .180 with runners in scoring position, less than the pathetic .259 posted by the reviled Shea Hillenbrand?

At least they didn't get swept. This was a series the Angels would have at least had a shot at winning had Joe Saunders been on the mound Tuesday. As with last year, managerial refusal to deal with a bad pitching situation has cost the Angels about a half dozen wins at least.

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