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Friday, August 10, 2007

Angels Try Rory Markus In The TV Broadcast Booth

More shakeups in store for the Angels TV broadcast, which seems to be searching a bit this year. First it was the addition of Mark Gubicza and Jose Mota on some games, now it looks like Rory Markus will move into the TV booth:
It has been confusing watching Angels telecasts this season. Sometimes the announcers are Steve Physioc and Rex Hudler. Other times it's Jose Mota and Mark Gubicza. Another change is coming for the Angels' three-game series at Toronto beginning Tuesday. Radio announcer Rory Markas is moving to television to work with Gubicza for those three games. Tom Feuer, FSN West executive producer, calls it an "experimental year," adding, "We're trying different mixing and matching."
Mota was acceptable, but never more than that; on the other hand, outside of his noticeable Spanish accent (which was never a problem understanding, by the way), he had no glaring flaws. It's not a coincidence that many of the calls on the Angels' 2002 World Series video were Markus's. (Hat tip: 101halo.)

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How about Ross Porter?
i like Rory. I like Jose. I like Gubicza. and if you can't say anything nice about some one.....

thanks for the tip - hopefully, its the Angels feed MLB.TV will show next week, but i like hearing the other teams announcers because of the usual alternative.
I like Rory too, he's pretty good and definitely the best that the Angels have.

I'll say it if Brian is unwilling, Rex Hudler is the worst color guy I have ever heard, and my team had Ron Fairly for a million years. He sometimes makes me either turn down the sound or turn off the game completely. I'm all for homers, but geez, get a grip already Hud.

What's the general consensus on him? Do people like him?
I just tune out Rex. I can see how fans of other teams would grit their teeth, though.

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