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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Imagine How Pissed I'd Be If I Actually Cared About The Dodgers! Diamondbacks 3, Dodgers 0

I tried to listen to yesterday's soul-crushing 8-7 loss to the Snakes on my way to a party up in the Hollywood Hills (it's been a busy weekend), and got so discouraged by the end of Derek Lowe's wretched five-run performance that I turned off the game and switched over to the Red Sox/Mariners game, which was getting to the good part (i.e., the M's losing) just as I tuned in.

Okay, so the title is something of a joke; I do care about the Dodgers, but my emotional investment this year just isn't as much as it has been in seasons past, the reasons for which I've been over previously. Nonetheless, as much as the Angels have driven me perfectly insane with their flirting-with but never-quite-succumbing to a season-ending slump, they still have the second-best record in baseball, and some ways to go before they're actually watching the games on the sideline. More, they haven't really had a truly embarrassing, long slide, even during this late stretch of plain indifference to the W column.

Not so the Dodgers, who suffered a sweep at the hands of the Snakes, their third straight loss dating back to the series with San Francisco. The Big Blue Wrecked Crew is a pathetic 5-13 since July 16.

Brad Penny put up a quality start and got a loss for his troubles; good news was limited to that, and another solid outing from returnee Scott Proctor, who put up a pair of zero frames that drove down his season ERA with the Dodgers to 2.45. The offense was just wretched, but then, you're dealing with a Cy Young winner who looked every bit the part.

Blanked in two of those Arizona games, the Dodgers' offense clearly isn't what it could be, and must be if they're going to make up the four game deficit they suddenly find themselves in, looking up in third place from division leaders Arizona. Things are serious. It's time to regroup, especially now that the Dodgers are going to face a pair of sub-.500 teams in Cincinnati and St. Louis.

Update: Reading the comments in the linked DT story above, I found it interesting that people were bagging on Tony Jackson, presumably for writing this. Four games under .500 isn't out of it by any stretch; "circling the drain" because of a 1-for-21 skid in RISP hitting? Maybe not, but it sure is ugly to watch though. The Dodgers need to pull their heads out and start swinging the bats some.

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