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Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Stupidest Manager In The Division: Indians 6, Mariners 5

For the third straight game, John McLaren called on Rick White who had a 7.67 ERA with the Astros with a 1.705 WHIP in a game-critical situation. With J.J. Putz available (and completely unused during the Angels series), White walked in the winning run on a day after he poured gasoline on two different fires, allowing three inherited runners to score on Tuesday and giving up a pair of runs on Wednesday.

Think about this. White has either allowed inherited runners to score or has given up earned runs of his own in six straight games, including his last three appearances with the Astros, and McLaren continues to use him. U.S.S. Mariner:

John McLaren simply doesn’t understand how to manage a roster. In game strategy isn’t everything, but it’s part of the job, and he fails at it.
Thank you, John McLaren, for the Angels' 5.5-game lead in the AL West.

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In Seattle, even Starbucks is less common than sports fans' adamant persecution of executive and managerial prerogative. They were trying to run Mike Holmgren out of town before he got them to the Super Bowl, too.
A lot of the problem is conventional closer usage. I think closers should be brought in when rallies need to be killed--be it in the 6th, 7th, 8th or 9th inning. If it's a close game and the opposing team is threatening to score, what's wrong with bringing in your best reliever to put out the fire?

The main obstacle in such usage is the save rule, which in my opinion was stupid to begin with.
Oh also, enough with the one-inning-and-done nonsense--another way in which reliever usage has become too reflexive. Use Frankie or Scot for two innings at a time, get the most out of them
"Thank you, John McLaren, for the Angels' 5.5 game lead..."

See, this is the kind of thing Seitz is on about. Sure, McLaren made a stupid move last night, but the major reason the Angels have a 5.5 game lead is that they've just been better than the Mariners, especially when it counted most. Give credit where it's due, man.
What credit are you talking about? The Angels did not play yesterday. The Mariners did. That managerial blunder gave us another half-game cushion. The Angels had nothing to do with it.

You misinterpreted the sentence, sean.
To be sure. The Angels flat out-played the M's in their most recent series, something I thought I emphasized when I said in Wednesday's recap that the Angels had made a "Statement". I'm not saying all of the Angels' wins were due to mismanagement, but, man, it surely helped.

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