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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Campaign: "Slappy McPopup" = Juan Pierre

I was reviewing my Monday morning post when it occurred to me that Slappy McPopup beautifully captures the genuine uselessness that is Juan Pierre, a man with a superficially good batting average, but probably the emptiest .294 average you'll ever see in your life. Given his job is to get on base, his woeful .333 OBP has contributed heavily to the Dodgers' one and two batters having the lowest OBP in the whole 1-8 parts of the lineup.

Unfortunately, his page at Baseball Reference is already sponsored, and in the absence of a champion like (hold your nose) T.J. Simers or some other acrid figure in the press, a nickname like Slappy isn't liable to stick. Therefore, I suggest the following to my fellow Dodger bloggers who are so inclined (and I am already writing off Jon, though he may surprise me): it's time for a Googlebomb. Greetings, Slappy McPopup... not that this is a meme that needs a lot of help.

Update: Welcome, readers from Hardball Times, and thanks to Matthew Carruth for linking here. (By the by, the name's M-c-M-i-l-l-i-n, though I'm used to misspellings by now.) I cannot claim originality here, only propagation; the owner of this trope seems to be a commenter at Dodger Thoughts, but I haven't yet been able to establish who. Funny as hell, though.

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Hiyaa - try putting this link in you post (and anyone who agrees) - badbomb.com/juanpierre - if you think its time for a googlebomb - cheers Earnie

ps if i'm making no sense at all look at goodbomb.com to see what I'm talking about
Ever since I heard it I've used it in place of previously mentioned Mr. McPopup.

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