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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pickoff Moves

2007 Minor League Park Factors

It's been over three years since I last looked at these, but Dan Szymborski has calculated new minor league park factors. The old numbers from Baseball America seem to have been never updated subsequently, so this is a very good thing. For the teams this blog covers:

Cedar Rapids0.961.000.960.950.941.00
Great Lakes0.950.970.921.100.981.10
Inland Empire0.890.960.940.830.941.00
Las Vegas1.
Rancho Cucamonga0.991.001.000.990.961.00
Salt Lake City1.

I ran the numbers myself based on the Travs' complete season, and got the following:

| hr     | 3b     | 2b     | 1b     |
| 0.5370 | 1.8000 | 0.6794 | 0.9507 | 
My version looks like Dickey-Stephens is suppressing homers at a staggering rate.

Dodgers Still Seeking Radio Flagship For 2008

The Dodgers are still looking for a new radio home:
The Dodgers haven't lined up a flagship station for next season. KFWB 980's five-year contract with the team expires at the end of the season and a source within the station said an offer on a new deal has been taken off the table.

The offer, the source said, was less than the $7 million a year the station is paying for rights. KFWB General Manager Patrick Duffy declined to comment.

Another source said KABC 790 is in line to be the new flagship, but John Davison, KABC's general manager, and a Dodgers spokesman had no comment.

Roster Notes

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