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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Evidence The Angels Won't Get A Deal For Cabrera Done: The Marlins Want Howie Kendrick In Exchange

Well, you knew that was happening. Not even the Chronicler's posited trade includes him, and that, my friends, is that.
With the Angels, Dodgers, New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Chicago White Sox, San Francisco Giants and Cleveland Indians all interested in Cabrera, the Marlins could reject any team that demands a negotiating window with Cabrera. Dodgers General Manager Ned Colletti would not discuss Cabrera in particular but indicated he could do a deal without such a window.

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Why is that evidence...because some fans are squeamish about it? If you read the articles, I don't see the Angels blinking at that request. It seems a perfectly reasonable one. The articles seem to suggest the Angels would consider it, as long as they could negotiate an extension.

Kendrick, Wood and Adenhart seems a tad rich, but Kendrick, Wood and Santana seems a perfect equitable trade.
No, because the Angels have been historically squeamish about unloading multiple young players.
I am all for getting Cabrera, he by far is the best option for 3B for the future and I'd give up Wood and Adenhart for him.

But not Howie. That would be a mistake. I agree Rob that the Angels should not make this deal if Howie is part of it.
Rob, did you say that? I haven't read your opinion on a Cabrera trade that includes Kendrick yet, just your opinion of what you think the "Angels" think.

And if by "Angels" you mean Stoneman, okay. But we're in the Moreno-Reagins-Scioscia era now, and when asked what kind of GM Reagins is in terms of trades, Scioscia said on the radio the other day that he was "somewhere in-between" Stoneman and Jack McKeon....meaning, far less continent.

I think the Angels are fully in on both the A-Rod and Cabrera possibilities. And to my mind, if the Angels can wrangle a 3-4 yr extension from Cabrera, you have to consider trading Howie for that. Miggy is actually three months younger than Howie. Amazing, isn't it?
I very much doubt you'll see Tony Reagins take a radical departure from the Angels' previous direction.

As to what I think, Cabrera is on a HoF path, but his conditioning remains a worry; he looks an Albert Belle or Mo Vaughn type who flames out early. Already there's talk of Cabrera being forced to first, and if that happens, we're in for more DH-merry-go-round. The Cabrera trade as proposed costs the Angels at too many positions. Baseball is a team sport, and so I wouldn't do it. A-Rod is likely a better deal, but the downside there is more suitors. The Angels are really one of very few teams that can provide a package attractive enough to get Cabrera. But then, there's only about seven teams that can really afford A-Rod (Dodgers, Angels, Yankees, Mets, Red Sox, Chisox, Cubs), and of them, we can pretty much whittle the Cubs and White Sox off the list for reasons of ownership instability (Cubs) or poor timing (White Sox).
1. Belle and Vaughan flamed out in their early 30s. That's 7-10 years away for Cabrera. The conditioning anxieties only emerged this season, and the kid grew two inches in the past two years. He's the same height and weight as Big Papi.

2. You probably get Cabrera for five years, and you *commit* to DH'ing him sooner rather than later. You keep Wood out of the trade for that position, or you fill it in free agency in 2009.

3. There have been several proposed deals, all three players, with the only fixed player as Howie Kendrick. They've expressed interest in Willits, Izturs and the Angel catchers as well. I don't see how this is prohibitive, even if an over-hyped pitcher like Adenhart is part of the deal.

4. Team flexibility is important, and 2009 features a remarkable free agent crop. It includes, among pitchers: Santana, Harden, Peavy, Sabathia, Penny, Sheets. Among 3B: Blalock, Crede, Glaus.

A five year commitment to Cabrera at a third of the cost of A-Rod should not be underestimated. It's worth the loss of Kendrick and Adenhart in my opinion to keep the Angels' options (and pocketbook) open down the years.
I very much doubt you'll see Tony Reagins take a radical departure from the Angels' previous direction.

When was Miguel Cabrera being actively shopped before? Not last year. I think you'd have even Stoneman willing to part with prospects if Cabrera were being shopped last year.

And last year there were far fewer question marks over players like Santana, Wood, Kendrick and Adenhart.
So, you're kissing Vlad goodbye after his current contract expires? Because DH is also where Vlad's heading very soon.
i wouldn't say Albert Belle "flamed out" - he arguably had HOF numbers even though his career was cut short due to injury. If he had a better relationshp with the press, he'd be in, i think.

Ten full seasons: 381 HRs - that's pretty much averaging 38 HR/yr and by accounts, he wasn't a juicer. All his #'s were extraordinary and Mo Vaughn isn't close to the player Belle was.
Howie has got to be off-limits!!! I'd trade Lackey before I traded Howie, and I would NEVER trade Lackey.
I'd be surprised if Cabrera isn't traded to the Dodgers, who have more and better prospects to offer than the Angels.
I'm not convinced that Vlad can't still play the field. At worst, they can share DH, and we'll suffer Miguel Cabrera in left field, just as the Marlins did for three years. He's no worse than Manny.
Fats, as I see it, the problem the Dodgers have is the pitching requirement, which is thin at the upper levels. Tony Abreu fits the bill at second, though.

Andrew, the problem isn't next year, it's 2009 and beyond: do the Angels want to re-sign Vlad? I'm assuming they would, but he would at that time be at least a half-time DH (if he isn't there next year).
The pitcher from the Dodgers mentioned going to the Marlins is none other than Clayton Kershaw, if I'm not mistaken.

The Marlins don't really need Abreu; they already have Dan Uggla. A better fit than Abreu would be Andy LaRoche, who could replace Cabrera at third.

A third prospect would be someone Hu, the little shortstop, who would allow the Marlins to move Hainley Ramirez to centerfield, something they've talked about quite a bit.

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