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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Pickoff Moves

Dodgers Sign Chan Ho Park

According to the Korea Times, the Dodgers have signed Chan Ho Park, but it's unknown to what kind of a contract. My guess is it's a minor league deal.

Update: Jon quotes Josh Rawitch as saying the deal isn't in the can just yet, but "it's heading that direction." And thanks to SoSG for the linky.

Dodgers To Pursue Hiroki Kuroda

Late, but why not: speaking of Asian pitchers, the Dodgers are pursuing Japanese free agent Hiroki Kuroda, a 32-year-old control specialist with a 95 MPH heater. Hat tip, as ever, to Jon.

Dodgers Hire Dennis Mannion As CEO


Steve Dilbeck Thinks The Angels And Dodgers Should Forget About A-Rod

Because his salary demands are so ludicrous:
Here's a better idea for the Dodgers: Sign free agent Torii Hunter and put him in center, and then try to swing a Matt Kemp-for-Miguel Cabrera deal with the Marlins.

Cabrera, 24, is getting pricey for Florida and figures to get over $10 million in arbitration this year. He has two years before being eligible for free agency.

Hunter, 32, is expected to receive offers for around $15million per season and wants a five-year contract, which is still half the commitment Rodriguez is apparently after.

With the money saved from signing A-Rod, the Dodgers could try to pry Scott Kazmir from Tampa Bay or take a run at the latest Japanese pitching import, Hiroki Kuroda. Or at least hold off on that next parking fee increase.

The Angels could act similarly, or go after Mike Lowell at third or Andruw Jones or Japan's Kosuke Fukudome in the outfield. Try to swing a trade for Marlins starter Dontrelle Willis, another suddenly expensive player for the Marlins. And still keep beer prices down.

Cabrera might be a better fit for the Angels if the talk of his increasing weight is correct; that would move him to first base or a perma-DH, where his value would be appreciably lower. Cabrera's already poorly regarded with the leather at third.

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So it's Hunter+Cabrera vs. Kemp+Rodriguez.

Is there a big salary difference there?

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