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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Murray Chass: Two Teams Needed For An A-Rod Bidding War

Murray Chass writes that it takes two teams to tango in the offseason:
The more Boras talks the more he sounds like he thinks he erred by orchestrating the opt-out clause with Rodriguez. Maybe Boras was calling the Yankees’ bluff, and now may see that they are serious about not talking to A-Rod to play third base. Any agent with a player like A-Rod for a client would want the Yankees to drive up the bidding. The question now is if there is anyone else to drive up the bidding? Boras has almost always achieved his goals for his superstar clients, finding some team to bid big. But is there a team among the other 29 prepared to make his and A-Rod’s day?
In the sidebar, the article claims both the Mets and Red Sox are out of the serious bidding, but c'mon, the offseason — measured by the time when teams can actually make a bid for free agents — hasn't even begun yet.

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