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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Things Ned Said Two Days Ago

Regarding Ned's comments passed on to Jon by the Kamenetzky's two days ago: before it falls into oblivion, I want to take a quick note of the following paragraph:
"Where [the Dodgers' young players are] at, we're fine with. They have to continue to do it. They're not complete. They can't just come in here and think that they're not going to have to continue to work and continue to grow and continue to understand the game better. And forget a little about personal accomplishment and more about figuring out how to win the game ...
Who, then, is "complete"? Should we take seriously Buster Olney's speculation that the Dodgers are pursuing a trade for Miguel Cabrera consisting of "third baseman Andy LaRoche, minor league pitcher Clay Kershaw, and an outfielder -- perhaps Matt Kemp"? All those incomplete players. Sheesh.

Update: Matt's right: in my haste to get this out, I failed to notice that this was a not a speculation about an potential trade but his speculation about what it might take to get such a trade done. The difference is that two speculations are called for.

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Where does it indicate that the Dodgers are discussing a trade for Cabrera, much less a trade with those parameters? Olney speculates that Kershaw, La Roche and Kemp is what the Marlins would ask for. Am I missing something?
I am not an 'insider' so I can't read the article. However, I don't see where one thing has to do with another in your comments Rob. They are obviously incomplete players. I also think that it would be foolish to trade those 3 for Cabrera, especially Kershaw. That could turn out to be a Pedro Martinez type mistake.
Thanks for the clarification Rob. Having said that, Flanders would be bonkers to give them three prospects of that caliber for Cabrera, as good as he is.

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