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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

If You Read One Post About Dodgers Player Development This Year...

... it really ought to be CanuckDodger's guest appearance at Dodger Thoughts talking about the organization's failure to spend the tall dollars for signing bonuses of Latin American prospects.
Logan White may well have had a mandate from Frank McCourt to get more talent out of Latin America than the Dodgers had been getting since McCourt took control of the Dodgers, and White almost certainly had to have more money for the task than McCourt was willing to spend before, but "more" is not the same thing as "enough." The Dodgers' budget to sign international amateur talent is still small, and the Dodgers' reputation in the international market is that they are still cheap. Scout.com's Bill Shelley claims that in the Dominican Republic the men who steer talented kids to MLB organizations - and take a cut of the kids' signing bonuses - outright avoid the Dodgers when they have kids whom they think are worth a million dollars or two, with Shelley quoting White as saying, "We don't get to talk to them. They know we won't pay that."
I was always concerned before that payroll would be an issue, but consistent with the Dodgers reducing their Dominican presence, the real issue is whether they understand how to acquire and deploy talent. In my view, the McCourt era is long on symbolism and short on execution.

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