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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pickoff Moves

Eric Wedge, Bob Melvin Voted Managers Of The Year

Eric Wedge in the AL and Bob Melvin in the AL won Manager of the Year Awards. Thanks to Bob Timmermann for the BBWAA links.

Red Sox, A's To Open 2008 In Japan

The Red Sox and A's will play regular season games in Japan, opening the season on March 25 and 26. Man, is this going to make Sean Forman's life harder.

Sabathia, Peavy Take Home Cy Young Hardware

In the AL and NL respectively. Both were good choices, and so congratulations.

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Actually, Peavy won't win the Cy Young Award until Thursday.
Is it any shocker that Oakland has to host both games against the Red Sox in Japan? This is one thing I despise about playing games at neutral sites so far away. One team will always lose home games, while the other just loses away games. And for some reason the team that gets the competitive advantage is always a team that at least appears to be favored by the league and/or media. For example, the Red Sox will have 81 home games this year and only 79 road games with 2 neutral site games where they will bat first and probably be favored by the home crowd. This also happened with the Yankees and Devil Rays a couple of years ago and with the NY Giants and Miami Dolphins in football this year. The football one is especially grating because they were the team that picked up an advantage due to Hurricane Katrina (the NO-NYG game was moved from New Orleans to New York giving the Giants 9 home games and the Sainst just 7). Well, if any team should have gotten a road game in another country, it should have been the Saints and the Giants should have been the one that got the home game out there. I know there are a lot of economics involved, but sports need to learn that if they sacrifice their competitive equality for a few dollars here and there, eventually people will stop paying attention to the sport. Anyways, that's a long enough rant on this.
It seems the Angels lost promisng relief pitcher Warner Madrigal to another club due to an incomplete understanding of the rules by the front office (tip provided by futureangels.com)


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