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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

OT: They Closed Your High School For What?

At my high school, we had a five acre farm out beyond the football stadium that, to this day, still has dairy cows happily munching away, and grows squash and pumpkins and what have you. Nevertheless, we never had school shut down because of the livestock, as they did in Philadelphia yesterday when 85 Rhode Island Reds got out and took over the campus at Northeast Philadelphia High.
A fowl prank closed a Philadelphia high school today, canceling classes for 3,600 students.

Eighty-five "full-blown live chickens" - identified later today as Rhode Island Reds - were discovered roaming the halls of Northeast Philadelphia High School this morning as faculty arrived before dawn.

"They've created quite a mess," said Fernando Gallard, spokesman for the school district. "It's going to take us at least a day to clean up."

The flock was let into the school on Cottman Avenue over the weekend.

Now several agencies are involved in investigating the poultry prank: the Philadelphia School District, the Philadelphia Police, and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

Video surveillance shows that multiple culprits gained entry into the school about 9:30 p.m. Sunday to release the hens and spread chicken feed on the floors, Gallard said.

Any break-in is supposed to trigger an alarm, but the caper was not discovered until 5 a.m. by a janitor, Gallard said. How the perpetrators got into the building and why the alarm apparently did not go off is still under investigation.

Sounds like a hen-side job to me, but I'm too chicken to point fingers...

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