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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Angels Shuffle Broadcasters

The Register has the story:
For the second consecutive year, the Angels will shuffle their radio and TV lineups for regular-season broadcasts. Terry Smith, Rex Hudler and Steve Physioc are scheduled to be constants for all 162 games. Smith will anchor the radio coverage. Hudler and Physioc will appear on every broadcast, either on radio or TV.

Rory Markas also will alternate between radio and TV. He will team with Mark Gubicza on the majority of the telecasts, moving to radio with Smith when Hudler and Physioc are the TV team. Hudler and Physioc will join Smith on 830 AM for the radio coverage when Markas and Gubicza are handling the TV coverage.

Jose Mota will continue his role on the Spanish-language radio broadcasts but also appear as a third reporter on some TV games, host Fox Sports Network specials and appear on FSN postgame coverage. Last year, Mota also handled play-by-play on approximately 50 televised games.

All spring games from Arizona will be broadcast on a tape-delayed basis on 830 AM except the weekend games and the Angels' lone night game March 21. The live feed is available via the internet.

The Angels' radio broadcasters are substantially better than their TV crews, but I don't outright hate any of the TV guys. Jose Mota didn't bring enough to his TV role to warrant a return, and that's fine by me. It will be interesting to hear Gubicza on the radio; it's not clear to me he'll work out there.

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I read the article to mean that Gubicza will only be on television. The two tv teams are Physioc/Hudler and Markas/Gubicza. The two radio teams are Physioc/Hudler/Smith and Markas/Smith.
I think it's time for more than a shuffle. Rory Markas tries hard, but there's no chemistry whatever in the radio booth, and that's mostly down to Terry, who is as characterless a broadcaster as I've ever heard. On TV, Rex's shtick is getting pretty tired nowadays, and it's probably time too that Physioc found opportunities elsewhere.

There hasn't been much fun in Angels broadcasting since the radio days of Mario Impemba and Daron Sutton. It was a black day when those two broke up their partnership and headed off to Detroit and Milwaukee.

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