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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Recalling my piece a couple weeks back previewing the Dodgers/Angels series, I remarked upon how bad was the Angels' bullpen. Back then, it was the second worst in the majors. Since that time, they've moved up to fifth worst. The Angels now have a bullpen ERA of 4.39, which is about a half a run (0.52) away from the mediocrity of the Twins or (gulp) Kansas City, but as a consolation prize, the Angels are moving up as much as Boston (4.40), San Diego (4.41), and Cleveland (4.65) are moving down. The Dodgers are also moving up, and now own a 2.91 ERA, good for second place in the majors, behind Philadelphia (2.78).

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Of course, the more interesting stats would be the Angels' bullpen as viewed over the past two weeks; I imagine it would fare well relative to the league. Since Moseley and Bootcheck were DL'ed and mothballed respectively, and Speier demoted, the BP has actually looked pretty solid. I'd love to see them cut ties altogether with Boot and Dustin, and bring back O'Day. The second-half belongs to Escobar, Arredondo and O'Day (alongside the obvious regulars). I have faith in those selections.
Yeah, it's hard to argue with that. It's sad when, in Bootcheck's case, you get excited when he hasn't given up a run. If the Halos cut ties with Boots and Moseley, it'll be at the end of the season and not before, as both are under team control for at least another year IIRC, and the one thing we've learned about the Stoneman/Reagins administration is that both love pitching depth.

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