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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Another Day, Another (Almost-)Perfecto: Dodgers 2, Braves 1

What just blew me away about this game — which I came into during the sixth — was how quick the final innings were. I shut down my PC upstairs at the end of seven, went to my car, and when I came out of the parking garage, all of a sudden it's the postgame show. I heard the winning runs cross the plate for the Dodgers just in time.

All that's too bad, really, because Derek Lowe flirted with a perfect game through six, but gave up a leadoff hit in the top of the seventh. I missed all of the good part; and as Jon observed, the Dodgers have allowed six hits total in the last three games. Pitching hardly gets better than that.

Thanks to a 5-0 Arizona loss to Washington (helped in part by a former Dodger farmhand, pitcher Joel Hanrahan), the Dodgers are once again tied for first place — though still below .500.

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