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Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Kicked A Team Til They Cried: Angels 5, Red Sox 3

Questions I want answered: Good to see the boys get not only win the series but sweep it.

Vlad and Torii homered in consecutive at-bats, Casey Kotchman was mega-clutch with a double down the first base line that recalled yesterday's heroic moment by the Admiral, and John Garland failed to suck against a team he could pretty much be expected to give up funk blast after funk blast to. Hell, even K-Rod lived up to his nickname to become the fastest man to 40 saves in major league history; that included a crazy moment in which a wild pitch strike three bounced to Sean Casey in the dirt, off Jeff Mathis, and back to Frankie, who neatly fielded it to get the second out.

I only wish I coulda been there for it.

Yahoo boxMLB.com recap

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Wakefield came into today's game with a 3.60 ERA and a WHIP of 1.15. He had NINE CONSECUTIVE quality starts going back to the beginning of June, including recent forays against New York and Tampa Bay.

If you're going to kvetch, at least hit the mark, man. It's a bummer that you frontload your piss and vinegar when the boys are good, and save the backhanded praise for the footnotes.

Or am I missing the satire markup?
Not. Paying. Much. Attention. This weekend.

As you can imagine, my life has been a little busy.
77-MPH "fastball"

That 77-MPH was registering at 72 on the gun today.
Got to agree with Maxwell.

We just swept the champions,have the best record in baseball, won 5 in a row, first team in baseball to 60 wins, have division lead of 9 games... sure it won't mean that much if we don't win it all but that's no reason to denegrate them surely.
I'll join the dogpile -- of course it's your blog and you can say whatever you like, and I generally expect a "guilty-until-proven-innocent" tone. (If I want cheerleading, I go to HH.) All the same, last night's victory was about as clear a cause for celebration and Halo happiness as we've had all season, so discovering a post that leads off with a questionable complaint (and its defense asking your readers to have a better understanding of your life), and offers its praise with reservation and caution, makes me feel like 6-4-2 may be thoughtful, and may be informative, but it's never going to be joyous or fun if it's not going to be at moments like this.
Maxwell could have been wrong, but I don't think he was.

And I've been wondering lately just who's gonna beat the Angels.

Sorry, just riffing on the title.
Heh... well, the team I had in mind wasn't the Angels. But that's okay.
I don't mean to rub salt, Rob. I missed the post about your loss. Just caught that, and my sympathies go out.

But on point, I do think it's worth noting that junk-tossing Tim has limited all offenses he's faced to three or fewer ERs over his past ten starts. Three is what we got, and good on the Halos for making them stand up in the end, and scratching out two more from a decent BP to boot.

As far as the Sox, post-season or no, taking 5 of 6 thusfar, including 2 of 3 at Fenway vs an offense that included Big Papi... well, that's worth sheathing the shiv for one agreeable post at least.
I guess having been burned by Boston so many times, including historically in 1986, it's hard for me to give a series win an even break. But you're right, this one was a big series, and I guess I should have been a little more enthusiastic about it.
To be fair, last time I went through what you're going through, I couldn't muster the enthusiasm to watch baseball, soccer or even cricket.

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