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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Report: Manny Ramirez To The Dodgers In A Three-Way

If the MLB.com report is true, Manny Ramirez is headed to the Dodgers in a three way deal with the Pirates and Red Sox, with Andy LaRoche headed to the Pirates.
The Red Sox, Dodgers and Pirates have agreed to a deal, according to sources, in which Ramirez will go to Los Angeles, outfielder Jason Bay will go from Pittsburgh to Boston and the Pirates will receive outfielder Brandon Moss and pitcher Craig Hansen from the Red Sox and third baseman Andy LaRoche and pitcher Bryan Morris from the Dodgers.
Also via Ken Rosenthal, who reports that Boston "will pay all of the approximately $7 million remaining on Ramirez's contract."

Update: Per boston.com, Manny has written off his 2009 and 2010 options as part of this deal, so the Dodgers aren't on the hook for this.

Dodger fans getting excited about this deal: here's something you might not have witnessed.

Update 2: Via ESPN:

Even before landing the enigmatic Ramirez, Los Angeles had a crowded outfield. Torre has been juggling Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Andruw Jones and Juan Pierre.

"You wish you had the DH," Torre said. "We didn't plan in advance how to move things around."

Update 3: The Score Bard is brilliant, as usual.

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