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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Two Games

Sweep, Caroline: Angels 9, Red Sox 2

Hokie Joe kept the Sawx at bay while I was escorting our relatives to yet another showing of Wicked. The real wickedness was in Joe's pitching, and the Angels' torrid hitting; the Angels pounded Beckett like they've never done before, and especially at Fenway. GA homered, a cheapie down the right field line, but the Angels just pounced on Beckett generally. Justin Speier — Justin Speier! — even managed a pair of scoreless frames against Boston. Unreal.

There's still a big part of me that wants to see them do it in the postseason. I'm crossing my fingers and toes. It might be easier if, as has been rumored, the Sox trade Manny Ramirez before the deadline, now just hours away. It's a lot easier when he says stuff like this:

“The Red Sox don’t deserve a player like me,” he said Wednesday in an interview with ESPNdeportes.com. “During my years here I’ve seen how they have mistreated other great players when they didn’t want them to try to turn the fans against them.”
Mark Teixeira went 0-for-4 in his debut. I doubt anybody really cared.

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Billingsley Does It Again: Dodgers 4, Giants 0

Also missed, but a great, great outing by Billingsley, who five-hit San Francisco in a complete game shutout on 118 pitches. Wow.

And, oh yeah, the Dodgers are now above .500 again for the first time since May 27.

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