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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Could Be Crappy: Nationals 2, Dodgers 1

I would like to climb high in a tree
I could be happy, I could be happy
or go to Skye on my holiday
I could be happy, I could be happy
maybe swim a mile down the Nile
I could be happy, I could be happy
all of these things I do
all of these things I do
to get away from you
get away, run away, far away, how do I?
get away, run away, far away, how do I?
escape from you?
— Altered Images
The Dodgers weren't happy, but the other thing today, stranding another ten baserunners and hitting into four double plays and narrowly missing a fifth. So bad was their offense that their only run came on a hinky base-loaded, no-outs play in the fifth. With Nomar at third and Kemp at the plate, Kemp whacked the ball to third baseman Ryan Zimmermann. Zimmermann promptly stepped on the bag for the force, but instead of trying for a triple play by throwing to second, he threw a dart home to catcher Jesus Flores. With Nomar jogging down the line, Flores dropped the ball with his back to third. Flores then recovered the ball, but mistakenly thinking there was a force at the plate, he only stepped on the plate at the same time Nomar also touched touched it. Home plate umpire Mark Wegner briefly called him out, but then realized on review that with no force, the run had to score, and so it did. The Dodgers then promptly disappeared as they have so often of late, with Andre Ethier and Jeff Kent making two easy outs subsequently.

In fact, Zimmermann was in the middle of a lot of the Dodgers' misery, recording all four GIDPs. That included a lineout double play in the fifth that, for me at least, turned the game from pathetic to hilarious; the baseball gods were clearly against the Dodgers. Before the season started, I thought this was an 85 win team, but now I'm thinking it's more like 81 wins, and they might be grateful to get that far.

On the plus side for the Dodgers, Manny got a double, his first extra-base hit since his August 17 home run in a game against Milwaukee. Big losers: Matt Kemp, Nomar, and Andre Ethier, all big WPA losers who failed to come through with runners on base. Derek Lowe pitched the fourth complete game loss of his career as a Dodger. The clock is ticking.

Yahoo boxdodgers.com recap

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Plus Side: Amazingly, the Pads roughed up Webb in search of Win #20.

Minus Side: Watch out for the Rockies. After tonight, the Dodgers are as close to 3rd place now as they are to first.

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