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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pulled Up: Angels 5, A's 1

John Lackey pitched his third complete game of the year and came within two outs of getting a CG shutout, missing only on a solo homer to Jack Cust, helping to rest a fairly taxed pen. The Angels pounced for four on A's starter Greg Smith in the fourth, singling and doubling him into submission. Even Gary Matthews, Jr. had a couple hits, and every starting player but Sean Rodriguez and Juan Rivera got at least one hit.

Speaking of Rodriguez, Mike Scioscia called for him to bunt in the fourth after a leadoff double by Mike Napoli. Why? There was no chance of a double play ball.

Update: Bob Timmermann points out that with tonight's win, the Mariners have an elimination number of one. They will be the first team eliminated from any division race in baseball.

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Lackey was nothing short of brilliant tonight, which is why the HR to Cust was frustrating. With an 0-2 count, I was just hoping he wouldn't throw him a fastball, but he did.

Still, it was a mighty impressive effort. I can only recall him getting to a 3-ball count once all evening. There might have been a couple more, but not many.

It was a fun night at the ballpark, and I made it back home to Pasadena before 10:30.
What was really annoying was, I had multiple doctor's appointments today to review the MRI and blood work I had done last week (no, I don't have a torn labrum, and yes, my fasting blood sugar levels are still well on the low end of normal). Because I knew that I was going to be home, I decided to take advantage of that and go to a home owner's group meeting that turned out to be perfectly useless. Shoulda gone to the game instead.
S-Rod blew an important bunt the other day and Scioscia is going to be calling for this any time Sean is up with a man on just to make the kid do the proper drills in real-game instances ... ahh, the beauty of a 15-game lead: on-the-job training for the 20101 Angels.

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