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Friday, August 15, 2008

Tom Meagher On The Remains Of The Dodgers' Season

A day late, but in case you missed it (and there's a lot of good material on the Internets to miss), Tom Meagher takes on the remainder of the Dodgers' 2008 season. I'll leave you with this teaser, because as usual, Tom's got a good read on the situation (i.e. he agrees with my prejudices):
[The] Dodgers’ decided (whether deliberately or otherwise) not to put in a claim on Adam Dunn. Simply putting in a claim on Dunn would have blocked him from the Diamondbacks and the "worst-case scenario" meant they’d have to pay him $4 million to (if L.A. truly believes Ethier and Loney are better than Dunn) be a huge upgrade over Mark Sweeney off the bench. $4 million doesn’t even buy an average win on the free agent market anymore, and it would seem a reasonable expense to prevent the competition from improving.

To be fair, the counter-argument is that Dunn doesn’t help the Diamondbacks all that much, but it’s not as if L.A. would have been likely to have to take on Dunn’s contract and even in the event that they did, they would benefit from the draft picks they’d get for offering him arbitration. L.A.’s apparent refusal to add any payroll is remarkable, as the team is making win-now moves ostensibly to boost their 2008 income but is unwilling to invest monetarily in the endeavor; the franchise is trading tomorrow’s talent (almost exclusively) for today’s dollars (almost exclusively), not exactly an encouraging development.


The Dodgers have finally converted [Logan White’s] run into a solid shot a postseason glory, but with the cost in current dollars spent and future prospects dealt, and with the team a few not-improbable injuries away from being in only lukewarm shape, the team’s fans will be right to be angry if the cards don’t all fall into place.



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