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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Crater: Pirates 15, Dodgers 8

I was hoping — and had assumed — that it was Andy LaRoche who hit a grand slam against Chad Billingsley in the fifth, but no, it was brother Adam. A big part of me wants these guys to do well elsewhere, especially considering the Dodgers are jettisoning their prospects faster than Logan White can bring them up.

Needless to say, Chad Billingsley didn't have it, and though he didn't get the loss, he certainly deserved it. Scott Elbert got tagged with that yoke, giving up four runs and turning a tight 7-7 game into a rout in a big hurry, all without the benefit of making an out. Jason Johnson suffered almost the same fate, unhelped by a throwing error by James Loney that allowed the Bucs to score the last of their incredible eight runs that inning.

About the only good things to come of this one was a fine Scott Proctor outing, and the major league debut of James McDonald, both of whom pitched without allowing a run. McDonald was something of an oddity, as he's been with the team for a number of days and still hadn't pitched despite obvious openings to do so.

One really bad thing: Nomar left the game early after folding his knee in an odd baserunning play to end the fifth that was charged as an out at home. In fact, he overran third, and by the time he realized he needed to go back to that bag, he had injured himself and was a dead duck in no man's land.

Arizona managed to beat San Francisco 8-7 in a wild one in the desert to knock the Dodgers' lead down to 3.5 games.

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It was Ramon Troncoso who was on the mound for the Loney error.

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