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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Not Taking It Seriously: A's 3, Angels 2

Dear Frankie:

Enjoy your big dollar contract this offseason, no matter who that happens to be with. After this crappy outing, I really don't care whether it's with the Angels.

— R.

Unreal. I was out and mostly ignoring this one after Jered Weaver gave up a run, only to get back in it with a pair in the top of the ninth on the strength of a Mark Teixeira two-run homer. In comes Frankie, who gives up a single to Daric Barton (compounded by Gary Matthews, Jr.'s bone-headed throw to push him to second), a four-pitch walk to offensive zero Jack Hannahan, and a ridiculous throwing error on Cliff Pennington's sac bunt attempt that allowed both those baserunners to score. In all, Frankie got zero outs — the first time in his career he's ever done that — and looked as lame as I've ever seen him.

So much of the team was banged up it stopped being funny. Torii Hunter, according to the radio broadcast, took a foul ball off his face in batting practice and ended up a late scratch for GMJ. Garret Anderson was the only regular in the outfield, and while Erick Aybar did go 1-for-3 at leadoff (Chone Figgins again was unavailable for anything other than pinch-running duties), Scioscia yanked him for Brandon Wood late in the game.

Way to go, guys. Way to go. I know, it's only one game. But given how vital home field advantage is going to be this year, I begin to wonder whether the Angels are capable of winning that. They need to get healthy; more, they need to stop making these kinds of stupid mistakes.

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I've never known the feeling, but do some fans actually feel optimistic going into the playoffs?
They must. I certainly don't, though I do think this club is better equipped to win than the previous iterations of the Vlad-equipped Angels teams.
I'm starting to get a real sinking feeling about this season. Like last year, everyone is going down at the wrong time. Vlad? Breaking down. Hunter? Bad quad. Figgins? Damaged elbow, out indefinitely. Kendrick? Bad hamstring, probably done for the year. Shields? Shaky as usual, this time of year. K-Rod looking vulnerable. At this point, the only saving grace is that they're almost guaranteed to have home field advantage in the 1st round because they'll be facing the wild card, whether it's Boston or Tampa Bay.

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