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Saturday, September 20, 2008

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished, Or, How To Keep People From Getting Into Dodger Stadium

Some time ago, the Sons were kind enough to give away ticket vouchers, which I didn't use immediately but elected to cashier on Tuesday's game (my birthday, conveniently enough). However, the instructions on the vouchers demanded I redeem them at Dodger Stadium, Monday through Saturday between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.

I arrived at the stadium at 4:55 — okay, that was my bad, but as I discovered presently, it wouldn't have mattered anyway. After reaching the upper deck ticket office, I discovered that it had already closed, and more, that the ticket office that was open wouldn't sell me tickets to a future game.

So, I got to stand in line, at first with just the people who wanted tickets to a future Dodger game, to the right of the line of people waiting to get in for the night's game. Later, the guy in the day ticket booth — who were actually selling tickets for today's game despite the "SOLD OUT" signs at the parking lot gates — told me that we actually needed to be in the line with all the game day ticket holders.


So by this point I'm getting pretty sore: first, the Dodgers have open ticket windows but they can't sell me tickets, and then, they make me wait in not one but two lines, one of those because the people at the window were unclear as to where we needed to be. What I found after I got in line was even more appalling, though; the people in line ahead of me told me they got in to the park at 4:00 pm but were unable to buy tickets at the upper deck advance window because of a power outage. They were told to go downstairs to buy their tickets, but this proved impossible and they were redirected back up to the upper deck. So they waited an hour and forty minutes just to get to the ticket window.

It was more irritating at the time, of course, and the fact that I eventually ended up with a pair of tickets that cost me, basically, $15 parking made it sting that much less. (I was told at the gate I had 20 minutes to get my tickets and get back through the gate, a ludicrously small time as it turned out.) But if Frank McCourt is worried about getting butts in the seats, he really needs to rethink his stadium operations.

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Surprise! Those were actually vouchers for a character-building experience. Consider them redeemed.
I have all the character I need. In fact, I have some surplus to sell.

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