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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Lessons Have Been Learned" As Cards Decline Mark Mulder's 2009 Option

What you get for dealing with Billy Beane, I suppose. (The Cards will buy out Mulder's 2009 option for $1.5M.) On the other hand, recall that not everything has gone well for Beane, either. In particular, the haul in the Tim Hudson trade hasn't been especially effective, as Give Beane this: the Mulder deal was definitely a case of selling high.

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whatever Beane has done in the past positive or negative from henceforth will be irrelevant. imo he'll be judged by what's he's done int he past year.

What he'd do? Trade Harden, Blanton, Swisher to start, and got like, twenty prospects in return, and they also signed that kid from DR.

Seems like he's doubled down on his reputation.
I left of my homie, Haren.

Bean's taken the biggest rool of the dice on his career. We dhsll see.

And since you mentioned the 2 of the big 3, Hudson and Mulder, thrown in letting Zito walkdoes tipsz the scales in his favor.... that was last round.

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