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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Pickoff Moves, Lunchtime Edition

Chicago Cubs, Anti-Plumbers

Yes, it was a tough loss, but was it really necessary to break Dodger Stadium plumbing?
Moments after the final out (Alfonso Soriano fanning on three pitches), one of the Cubs -- maybe two, maybe all 25 -- took something large and hard, like a shoe or bat or sledgehammer, and busted a fair-sized water pipe at the back of the visitors' dugout.

Water gushed out, and very quickly the floor of the area leading into the locker room was flooded.

Now we live in an era when video footage of a simple bat-to-a-water-cooler or ritualistic-scattering-of-Gatorade-cups-after-getting-yanked can become endless fodder for ESPN ''SportsCenter,'' YouTube, blogs, radio talk shows and everything in between.

But this pipe carnage was not caught on video or cell phone, nor was it spotted by any electronic broadcast member, and the game ended very late (after midnight in Chicago), and the National League Division Series celebration started afield, and the L.A. writers naturally swarmed the winners and not the losers, and we Chicago writers were detoured around the expanding cement-bottomed lake through another entrance to the locker room and accepted the explanation that there had been a post-game plumbing issue.

Dodgers' Kim Ng To Interview For Seattle's GM Position

According to the Seattle Times.

Angels/Red Sox Finale Beats ESPN Football

... in the TV ratings, with a 9.3 share versus a 5.8 share for ESPN's NFL matchup of the week, New Orleans vs. Minnesota. However, overall ratings are down versus last year, partly because the Yankees failed to make it into the postseason.

Roster Notes

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