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Friday, October 03, 2008

Pickoff Moves

Rangers Burned By Danks Trade

And that's about par for the course:
About eight innings into the White Sox-Twins game Tuesday, after watching former Rangers prospect John Danks throw a two-hit masterpiece, owner Tom Hicks decided to send a text message to a buddy.

"You owe me one big time on Danks," he noted.

"I sure do," came White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf’s reply.

Brandon McCarthy made five starts for the Rangers this year, spending significant time on the DL with injuries to his right forearm and finger ligaments. Whose fault was that?
"That wasn’t just JD. Our staff made the judgment that Danks was two years away, and they were absolutely wrong. The comforting thing for me now is we have a new leader, and if [team president Nolan Ryan] had been there, we never would have done [the Danks deal]. And we will never trade a No. 1 pick, a left-handed pitcher again."
And yet Nolan is just one man; how often is it that the dull tide of consensus washes over us, diluting blame and seducing us to bad decisions?

Omar Minaya Extended

The Mets extended GM Omar Minaya through 2012. I'm not sure what the point there is; he's assembled winning-ish teams, but the club remains stuck in its spendy ways without winning for them.

Roster Notes

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