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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rowdy Dodger Fans Getting Press; Now, Will The McCourts Do Something About It?

A front-page story on today's Times discusses something that's been an increasing concern for me over the last few years, and that is fan violence, especially that aimed at anyone wearing opposition colors:
"It was pretty intense," said Dan Pike, 28, a Las Vegas resident and Phillies fan who was tormented for much of Monday's playoff game at Dodger Stadium by two brew-bleary home-team supporters sitting behind him.

He endured pushing, shoving and obscene taunts, along with a seat soaking by strategically spilled Buds whenever he stood to cheer.

"After about eight beers, they were getting a little physical," said Pike, whose misery ended only when security officers hauled off the pair.

Add to that endless obscene taunting, security that is slow to react or missing in action, and horrible parking, and trips to Dodger Stadium can become a real drag. What concerns me about this piece isn't so much that it's getting written; that's a net positive. Given the McCourts' tendencies to treat everything as a PR problem, it strikes me likely that nothing will be done about it if they think they can make the perception go away without changing the reality.

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