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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Angels Call Up Rich Thompson

Welcome to the majors, now put out this forest fire with this garden hose. Ash Thompson lets us know her man's got the call from Salt Lake. Hat tip: gilbert at HH.

No disrespect intended to Rich, but given Vlad's now extended absence, is there any reason why the Angels aren't calling up Brandon Wood?

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Not only are we not calling up Brandon Wood, we seem to refuse to try and obtain any starting pitching from outside the organization. We have three front-line starters on the DL. One of them is trying to come back from major shoulder surgery, another is going to need Tommy John surgery this year, and the last is going to pitch through pain before getting seriously injured before the All-Star break.

And we think we have in-house solutions...why?

It would help if Mike Scioscia would at least be consistent with his bullpen management. His set formula of Arredondo-7th Shields-8th Closer-9th was a dumb idea, but those players have settled into their roles and are having a tough time breaking out of them. If he's going to change it up, he needs to learn that closers get paid the big bucks to get big outs, not to earn big save totals by throwing a single pitch for an out in the ninth. Unbelievable.
Why does everybody keep screaming about Brandon Wood, yet there has not been a peep on this blog or elsewhere about the fact that Wood and Brown have not been in the Bees lineup for several games now?

Did everyone fail to notice that? Are they hurt?
Wood and Brown accompanied the Angels to Adenhart's funeral, IIRC.
Ah, ok. They've been out four games, no?
Yeah, I know. I can't account for Friday, but it may be that travel for minor leaguers doesn't get the same priority it does for the major leaguers.
Ah, the Salt Lake Tribune says Wood was supposed to rejoin the team yesterday. He may have had a late flight or something.

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