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Friday, April 17, 2009

Moseley Leaves Early: Angels 9, Twins 11

Bottom 4th: Justin Speier enters the game as Dustin Moseley leaves, the latter giving up two runs in three innings. Something's clearly wrong with Moseley, who had ulnar nerve problems last year according to the TV broadcast.

Bottom 5th: Speier, inexplicably, has retired the side without incident in two straight frames. Meantime, the Angels have taken a 3-2 lead on another ridiculous string of singles and a groundout in the top of the frame.

The Twinks tie the game on Jason Kubel's RBI single with a man on third to make it 3-3. Rafael Rodriguez, lately called in to staunch the bleeding, did no such thing.

Bottom 8th: The Angels show just how crappy their bullpen is this year by eroding a 9-3 advantage to give up a grand slam to Jason Kubel to make it 11-9 Twins. Jason Bulger left the pitch up to give himself the loss, giving the bullpen a 10+ ERA for the year. Gawd.

Postscript: The Angels started the season with four holes in the rotation (if you count Nick Adenhart's death). It's pretty clear this has affected bullpen depth, and at this point,

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2013. That's the next time the Angels will have a shot at the post-season. This team is awful, and the youth is a long way away.
And a couple good drafts. The casual neglect the Angels have shown the draft in the post-2005 seasons is about to kill them.
I think the Angels are suffering just as much by their "casual neglect" of Rule V and their 40-man construction in past years. What of O'Day, Green, Gregg, Jenks, et al could we use now?

All that said, I'm not sure I agree with Seitz' premise. There are a lot of contracts and dollars coming off the payroll in the offseason...the front office could rebuild the team entirely in the 2010 through trades and free agency if they so chose. The only albatross positional contracts left after this season are Hunter and Matthews, and it's really not like Hunter is hurting this club much.

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