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Monday, April 13, 2009

Orlando Hudson Hits For The Cycle, First In Dodger Stadium History: Dodgers 11, Giants 1

Bottom 6th: After a thorough pasting of Randy Johnson (whom the Dodgers chased in the fourth), Orlando Hudson has hit the first Dodgers cycle since Wes Parker did it on May 7, 1970 against the Mets. It's also the first cycle ever hit by a Dodger* at Dodger Stadium, incredibly. He got the hard part last, with a sixth inning triple.

James Loney just knocked in Hudson to make it 8-1 Dodgers. Every Dodger has a hit today.

Bottom 8th: Andre Ethier just homered to make it 11-1 Dodgers, his second longball of the game. It's now a rout, and there's only one out.

Top 9th: It's final; the attendance is also a record, 57,000+ according to Charley Steiner. So it's a historic day in more ways than one. Update: 57,099 according to the Press-Enterprise.

Update 4/14: And maybe I oughta make a mention of the 11-K game from Chad Billingsley and Andre Ethier's two homers, lest I forget the real heroes of the game.

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*This originally read "the first cycle ever hit at Dodger Stadium", but that leaves the designation open to the possibility of cycles hit by other teams playing there. In fact, there are none according to Baseball-Reference, but I haven't gotten home to check my copy of the Dodgers Media Guide yet to verify.

Update: Jon recalls the infrequency of Dodger cycle-hitting; the last cycle hit by a Dodger batter previous to Parker's was Gil Hodges' on June 25, 1949.

Update 2: It turns out that Dodger Stadium — er, make that Chavez Ravine — has seen a cycle hit by the home team — but it was Jim Fregosi of the Angels that did it, on July 28, 1964. Thanks to incessant_din in the comments for the hat tip.

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Jim Fergosi of the Angels did it in a Dodger Stadium home game against the Yankees (6/28/64).

Hat tip to Jon Miller.
Ah, when it was Chavez Ravine! Great catch!

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