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Monday, April 13, 2009

Matt Welch On Nick Adenhart As A MADD Tool

And, not unexpectedly, I agree 100%:
Let’s summarize what we know about the contemptible Andrew Thomas Gallo. 1) He was driving despite not having had a valid drivers license since at least 2007, possibly 2006, due either to a May 2006 DUI conviction or a subsequent parole violation. 2) He was almost certainly still on parole for some crime or another (his 2007 rap sheet alone includes a marijuana conviction plus drunk and disorderly conduct). 3) He was driving despite having “almost three times” the legal blood alcohol level of .08. How much booze is that? Probably somewhere around 10 drinks. 4) According to cops, Gallo was driving well in excess of the speed limit, doing 50-65 miles per hour in a 35 mph zone. 5) Oh yeah, he also blew through a red light. 6) After he smashed two cars, obviously hurting multiple innocents, he ran away.

So that’s at least six laws Gallo knowingly and brazenly flouted. Which begs the question: Why on earth would we suspect that somehow the seventh law would be the charm?



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