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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pickoff Moves, Lunchtime Edition

Charter Cable Customers Frozen Out Of Angels Games

Reports at Halos Heaven and The Fabulous Forum indicate that Charter Cable customers aren't getting to see 25 of the Angels games, mainly because these were sold outside of the main agreement and so need to be purchased separately by individual cable companies. Or something.
There are 25 games this season that, because of contractual details, needed to be purchased separately by area cable and satellite companies and Charter, as of now, has not purchased those games. According to Mead, Charter is the only local company that has not purchased the 25 games.
Bad as Time-Warner has sometimes been, at least they don't pull stunts like that.

Dodgers Fourth, Angels Sixth In Forbes Team Valuations

Forbes has its annual team valuations out, and the Dodgers pull in at fourth overall with a net value of $722M, back of the Yankees ($1.5 billion), Mets ($912M), and Red Sox ($833M). The Angels rank sixth ($509M), just back of the fifth-ranked Cubs. The Cubs are valued at $700M, quite a bit under the $900M the team actually sold for; Mark Cuban must feel like he dodged a bullet on that one.

Maury Brown notes that ten clubs have decreased in valuation from 2008, and one of them is the Florida Marlins. With the current cash flow situation derived from welfare payments revenue sharing, the Marlins have now been given to Jeffrey Loria by the league for free.

Belisario Loses It: Astros 6, Dodgers 5

I came into this game in about the sixth, and by the time I was headed home from the office, Charley Steiner was describing how Ronald Belisario was sitting glumly in the bullpen with his head in his hands. He should be:

Image generated by and hosted at fangraphs.com.

The offense picked up a bit from yesterday's game, but Randy Wolf is what he is, and that left not a lot of margin for the bullpen.

Yahoo boxDodgers recap

Angels Cited As "Preferred" Option For Paul Byrd

No surprise; he wants to pitch for a contender, but you have to wonder whether the Angels qualify this year. On the other hand, both the Angels and A's, the top two teams in the division according to many analysts, presently have losing records.

Darren O'Day Now A Ranger

He was picked up on waivers before he had a chance to go back to the Angels. Too bad — he was one of my favorite stories from 2008 even though he kinda fell apart at the end.

Vlad's Return Date A Fantasy?

Jayson Stark thinks so:
The official prognosis on Vladimir Guerrero's torn pectoral muscle is that he could be back in a month. But Guerrero's mounting physical issues have people around the sport wondering now about his long-term prognosis.

For one thing, said one baseball man, "How's he coming back in a month from a torn pec? When those offensive linemen get that injury in the NFL, they're out for the year."

Meanwhile, a front-office man was asking: "He may come back, but what's he going to be like the rest of the year? That's a tough injury -- especially for a guy who lets it fly the way he does."

Guerrero, 33, was supposed to be one of the biggest names on the 2009-10 free-agent marquee. But add this issue to his offseason knee surgery, and he's making potential bidders very nervous.

"He could be a $1 million player in a year, with $4 million in incentives," said an official of one team. "He's a tough guy to commit to."

The offensive lineman also has to shove his way through a bunch of other guys; Vlad could be useful as a DH-only type, but it's a severe penalty to place on a team that really has been built around the DH as a rest stop for its significantly large roster of aging players. My suspicion is that his torn pec was hurting him more than he cared to let on when he was in the batter's box, and that the hope was that he could be well enough if he let it rest for a month that he could return to the DH.

Cole Hamels Takes A Line Drive On His Pitching Shoulder

He got pulled in the fourth. That's probably not gonna help the Phillies.

Lackey, Santana To Pitch In Extended Spring Training; Escobar Out Until June

Help is just around the corner, but as I discovered in Boy Scouts, when someone says something is "just around the corner", it pays to ask "which one?"

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Again, good call on Vlad, and i share the same pessimism on Magic as I'm guessing he'll need TJ surgery.

but we'll still win the West. Arte, Mike and Tony will get it figured out.
You think? If there were evidence that he needed Tommy John surgery, we would have it in the MRIs by now. It's probably a less-severe strain.
Ha! The Boy Scout comment is so true. I learned to stop asking if the campsite was just over the next hill. The Angels probably have learned the same with their pitchers.

The link on the Lackey/Santana headline goes to the Hamels video, by the way.
its just a hunch from what i've read on Magic - "he'll try to pitch but may end up needing it" - it sounded like its borderline.
Link fixed in the body text. Thanks for the check, Nims.

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