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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pickoff Moves

Slide Show For Friday's Angels Game

Once again on Facebook. It's much easier than the old iGal software that I was using (better integration with iPhoto) and unlike iLife, free.

The Most Entertaining Loss To Boston Yet: Red Sox 5, Angels 4

When Mike Napoli's going full bore, he's an unstoppable force, and when he's cold, the sun's core couldn't heat him up. Right now it's a lot of the former and not so much of the latter, and so two (unfortunately, solo) home runs in one game. But forget that; the best part was mouth-breather Papelbon giving up a long homer to Torii Hunter to right, and then loading the bases to end the game and maximize tension while speedster Reggie Willits hovered 90 feet away from tying the game, and the Angels sitting an RBI single from winning it. If that doesn't make up for the loss, I don't know what does.

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Update: here's a Facebook slide show.

Reggie Willits Called Up

In case you were wondering.

Dodgers Lower Prices On Beer, Soft Drinks, Tickets

At least at the lower end:
"Many families are dealing with the question, 'What's valuable to us? What matters?' We want to make the game more accessible and more affordable. We value their devotion to the game and hope to offer the kinds of ticket and event packages that will make baseball a memorable, meaningful and affordable piece of their summer of 2009. This is more than an initiative; it is a commitment."

Among the new options available at concession stands are lower-priced options for Coca-Cola soft drinks and water, as well as beer for adults. Soft drinks will start at $3.75, down from $5; bottled water will start at $3.75, down from $5.75; and beer will start at $6, down from $8. In addition, there will be no increase in the price of the popular Dodger Dogs or any other food items from concession stands or vendors.

Good for Frank and Jamie; they have a tin ear an awful lot of the time, but they deserve praise when they do the right thing.

Eric Stults Does A Man's Work: Dodgers 11, Diamondbacks 2

With Hiroki Kuroda hitting the DL only a week into the season, Eric Stults managed to collect a win, going five and a third and giving up only a single run. I've been an advocate for Stults as a fifth starter for a while now, if only because he's better than some of the likelies the Dodgers keep talking about or signed up as NRIs to spring training. I caught the end of this game last night, and unfortunately missed all the big innings. Pity, because it appears as though the Diamondbacks' strength as of even a couple years ago — their bullpen — has all but completely unraveled.

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