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Monday, April 20, 2009

This Hitting Home Runs Thing — I Like It! Dodgers 11, Rockies 2

A couple years ago, Ubaldo Jimenez looked like he was going to become the Rockies' answer to Jake Peavy, or really, any other pitcher you could name in the NL. Unfortunately for him, his walk totals have increased since then, and in this year's limited sample size, it's now nearly twice his 2007 4.1 BB/9 mark.

Jimenez didn't last five today, getting shelled in a fusillade that ended with Matt Kemp's grand slam; it was Kemp's second homer of the game. James McDonald held up through one out in the fifth, but didn't finish the frame; he might need a bit more work, as his pitches were all over the place, i.e. "effectively wild" as they say. Scott Elbert and Ramon Troncoso went the rest of the way, Elbert taking the win by default, more or less.

And a win streak of eight, now. Wow!

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