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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Troy Glaus Took Steroids To Recover From Shoulder Injuries

Via Three Days Of Cryin', it turns out that Troy Glaus was taking steroids to recover from his shoulder injury, and Scott Schoeneweis, then the union representative, helped him out:
The central person in The Times report is Glaus, a four-time All-Star who in 2003 turned to steroids in his ongoing battle with right-shoulder injuries. Following Scruggs' instructions, starting in November 2003, Glaus reportedly injected himself every four days with the steroids nandrolone and testosterone.

"I just wanted to get better, and play," Glaus is quoted in investigators' report. He also said he was "willing to take the risk."

Also according to the transcripts, Schoeneweis, an Angels teammate of Glaus from 1999-2003, knew in advance when players would be tested through his role as the team's player representative to the union.

Schoeneweis, a tersticular-cancer survivor who turned to Scruggs after the 2002 season in an effort to boost his energy, denied ever getting advance notice of testing, claiming the agent who interviewed him misrepresented his words.

"Player reps know the information to tell the rest of the players union, the rest of the body and the league," Schoeneweis, an 11-year veteran now with his sixth team, the Arizona Diamondbacks, told The Times in Spring Training. "We were knowledgeable ahead of time about what the testing program was going to be because we were negotiating it, O.K.? That's it."

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