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Sunday, April 12, 2009

David Ortiz On Nick Adenhart

From Matt Welch, in the Boston Globe:
At his request, David Ortiz met with the father of Nick Adenhart, the Angels pitcher who was killed in a car accident early Thursday morning, the Riverside Press-Enterprise reported. Ortiz spent five minutes in the tunnel below home plate with Jim Adenhart.

"I look at my son and I'm like 'I would die if I lose him,' " Ortiz told the Press-Enterprise. "And I just give him my prayer."

Ortiz, according to the paper, watched on television with his son, D'Angelo, as Adenhart threw five scoreless innings Wednesday night.

"I was talking to my boy, telling him, 'Wow, look at this kid. Anaheim is lucky to have this good pitcher.'

"When I heard [Adenhart had died], it felt like I knew him forever."

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