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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bullet Points On A Morning Fit For Assassinations


I'm pretty sure Juan Rivera will be a starting OF in 2010. And while I have nothing against Sean Rodriguez - indeed, I would very much like to see him get a shot, what with Kendrick's struggles - the favorable comments about his plate discipline make me ask, once again, what about Brandon Wood?

In 32 games, Wood has 15 BB against 25 Ks. In 48 games (i.e., 50% more playing time), Rodriguez has 19 walks against 56 Ks. Wood's sporting a .382 OBP, for goodness sake. Why not both of them - Wood at short, Rodriguez at second?
You're right, I missed Juan, who just doesn't seem to figure in my calculations. I don't think he'll be worth much this year, and next year I imagine he'll be a nonentity.
Can you explain a bit more about why you consider Rivera a nonentity? We know he's a second-half hitter. Given that, I'd think you'd be more than satisfied with his contribution through May. His power is coming on, and it's hard to fault his defense. In fact, he's one of the bright spots on the team.

The Angel outfield has not been our problem. If you play around on FanGraphs, you'll find that they are in MLB top third in a majority of metrics.

It's our bullpen, the worst in all of baseball, and has a RE24 more than 32 runs below average. Those 32 runs are the difference between the Angels being a first place team and a .500 team.
I would bet money that S-Rod plays a corner OF spot next year.

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