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Sunday, May 31, 2009

In Which Bill Plaschke Gives Me Ever-Warmer Feelings About Frank McCourt

If Plaschke is for it, it's almost certainly wrong. McCourt treating Ramirez with kid gloves? Wow, you almost might think that McCourt knew that Manny was juicing or something. Sorry, I can't get too worked up about that.
Why won't the Dodgers stand up for the real victims here?
... and they would be, who, exactly, Bill?
And why won't somebody, anybody, trumpet the fact that without Ramirez, they have still won 13 of 22 games while increasing their lead in the National League West. Just once, I'd like a team official to say, "You know, we're a pretty good team without him."
Wow, you mean like this May 10 story by Dylan Hernandez, where the players themselves said it?
". . . We still have a good team," James Loney said.

". . . We still have eight good hitters out there," Matt Kemp said.

". . . I think we could do something special even without him," Eric Stults said.

What an ultramaroon Plaschke is.

Good on McCourt for keeping the moralizing off the papers and away from the TV cameras.

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Ahh Bill Plaschke, a FJM favorite:,( Glad you called Bill out on this.
I also like how he says there's no steroid outreach, when they've been doing these at least two years ago.


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