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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Subtraction By Addition: Angels 9, Mariners 8

So Ervin Santana is back, and all's well with the Angels, right? Uh, not. Santana had nothing and gave up eight runs to prove it. With both Santana and Lackey sucking, and the offense more or less random (they did post six runs though, which should count for something), these moves actually represent a step backwards for the team. Maybe they should have checked to see whether Santana was in fact ready to return, instead of rushing him back.

Bottom 9th: David Aardsma walks a pair and gets Bobby Abreu to fly out to left, but Vlad doinked a "double" down the right field line in no-man's land to make it 8-7 Mariners. With Vlad on second, Scioscia pinch-ran Gary Matthews, Jr., and Aardsma countered by intentionally walking Torii Hunter — and then walked Rivera unintentionally to tie the game at 8-8.

And Kendry singled home Matthews, Jr. for the win. Jebus.

But I'm still cranky about Santana.

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