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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Generalissimo Francisco Franco Is Still Dead, And The Angels Have No Plate Discipline

This is a surprise?
According to fangraphs.com, 36.3% of the pitches at which Kendrick has swung, and 38.1% of the pitches at which Aybar has swung, have been out of the strike zone, among the lowest marks in the American League.

Kendrick has seen an average of 3.71 pitches per plate appearance, a considerable improvement over 2008, when he had a 3.45 average. Aybar has seen an average of 3.13 pitches per plate appearance, one of the lowest figures in the league.

I hadn't imagined him as having serious problems until this season, but he's looked absolutely pathetic so far. The rap on his minor league success was the inability or unwillingness to draw walks. That may be punishing him now, brutally.



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