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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jose Canseco Among Names Turned Up In Federal Prostitution Bust

The Daily News of New York writes about a prostitution ring recently busted by the Feds. "Mickey Rourke, Charlie Sheen, Jose Canseco, Courtney Love and several Playmates are among those whose names have turned up in records provided to authorities — though none of them has been accused of any wrongdoing." Michelle Braun, a Florida resident, was arraigned in Santa Ana federal court today; her business operated under the front of a travel service.
Braun's clients paid thousands of dollars to be set up with the prostitutes – who were advertised to be adult film stars, top professional fashion models, centerfolds and actresses, Kortum wrote.

Braun's clients first paid a $1,500 introduction fee, according to the government.

"Travel fees started at $8,000 per day and the Platinum Club range started at $8,000 and went up to more than $50,000 for an evening of undiluted pleasure,'' Kortum wrote.

On one Web site, Braun listed specific details of "guaranteed privacy, exclusivity and quality,'' according to court records.

So, let me see if I get this straight: it's legal to have sex on camera and even to pay people to do this, but it's not legal to pay someone for sex if you don't take pictures and sell them? <scratches head>


waiting any minute now for news to cross the wires the players Canseco will 'out' for using prostitutes......

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