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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lackey Ejected Already: Rangers 5, Angels 3

I haven't wanted to think about yesterday's 10-8 loss except for the giggle-inducing ninth-inning rally, but how about Lackey throwing two pitches and drilling Ian Kinsler in the ribs? Either (a) Lackey had no command (something I tended to believe given his 3 runs in 5 innings game with Salt Lake on May 10, or (b) he intentionally hit Kinsler, which is one of the stupidest thing I've ever seen if true. Either way, he was ejected. Great way to help your team, Lackey.

Bottom 2nd: After an ineffective inning against Padilla in the top half of the frame, Loux continues to flounder, giving up two runs — so far — and throwing a ton of pitches. Ugh. I just don't want to watch anymore.

Loux got out of it without further damage, but I get the feeling it's gonna be batting practice out there for a while. 3-1 Rangers.

Bottom 9th: I ran outside to do some actual work I've been needing to catch up on, but just as well. The Angels never quite got caught up after Loux gave up the losing runs, and they made matters worse by hitting into double plays, one of them of the lineout variety.

Stupid idea, Lackey. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Update: Most unbelievable but predictable comment from Lackey:

Lackey insisted he was not deliberately throwing at Kinsler, maintaining steadfastly that a pair of two-seam fastballs got away from him.

"I haven't pitched in six weeks, man," Lackey said. "I was obviously trying to come in on him. There was no intention whatsoever to throw behind him or hit him."

C'mon, Lackey, the first sentence is factually false and the second is therefore suspect, to be kind. Lackey walked a grand total of three batters in 18.2 innings of work at Rancho and Salt Lake, and none in his final start on May 10. (He did, however, hit a batter.) If his command was so bad that he couldn't get the ball over the plate without hitting the batter, then he needs to work on it back in the minors.

Or else his story is a load of fertilizer.

Update 2: From the LAT recap by Mike DiGiovanna:

Kinsler, who has a .400 career average (six for 15) with two homers against Lackey, said he "had no reason to think he was throwing at me," but he was not surprised by the ejection.

"It doesn't matter who is on the mound, what team it is, if the first pitch goes behind your head and the next one goes into your ribs, it's surprising," Kinsler said. "But we moved on. We focused on the game and got the win."

Interesting. On top of everything else, Kinsler is hitting the hell out of him, too.

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i'm wondering if they start Lackey Sunday.
The annoying thing about this game is that despite Lackey giving the Halos a tremendous handicap, the bullpen actually kept them in the game -- you can't go to Texas expecting to win with three runs even when you've got your ace starting.
10 hits, all singles. And where is Brandon Wood?

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