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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pickoff Moves

Bobby Wilson Shipped Back To AAA

So Bill Plunkett tells us Bobby Wilson was remanded to AAA Salt Lake yesterday, yet the absence of any power on the team outside Mike Napoli remains a constant. Brandon Wood's invisibility remains utterly baffling.

Leave It To Weaver: Marlins 6, Dodgers 3

Eric Milton and Jeff Weaver, the two guys some people were getting in a tizzy about, turned out to both give up the same number of runs (2) though in a different number of innings (four for Milton, one for Weaver). You hope for good things from scrap-heap guys like these two, and if that doesn't work, oh well.

Oddity about this game: Juan Pierre scored every run in it, and not one was on an actual hit.

Yahoo boxDodgers recap

Robothal: Rangers Collapse No Sure Thing

True that, but get back to me in August. Heck, get back to me next month. Over the prior three seasons, Texas has had a 120 or greater ERA+ in only the following months:

Year/Month          ERA+
 April 2006         121
 June 2006          124
 March/April 2007   121
 June 2007          124
 March/April 2008   129
 July 2008          137
(Update 6/7/09: At some point Evan Grant wrote me that I'm talking through my hat on this one, and that I've got OPS+ allowed by Rangers pitching confused with ERA+ by month, a split that doesn't exist. My apologies.)

The Rangers' pitching staff had another 120 ERA+ month in April of this year, but their staff ERA+ for May is 71. The team continues to sing the usual homilies about pitching and defense ...

"The biggest thing for us is that pitching and defense are leading the way," Young says. "We made a huge point in spring training to bear down on the small parts of the game that haven't been a strength for us over the years. We made it a point to take a lot of pride in our defense. I think it shows."
... but I'm not convinced, not yet. One piece of evidence for the Rangers: the second-best defensive efficiency in the league (.711, second after Toronto's .719, with the Angels coming in sixth at .688). Texas trailed the league in that metric the year before (.670), and came in an underwhelming seventh (.681) in 2007.

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