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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Angels Nearly Blow A Gift Win On D'Backs' Comedy Of Errors: Angels 12, Diamondbacks 8

To my mind, the last time I saw a team botch so many chances it was the Cubs' godawful NLCS Game 2 last year, in which every single infielder clanked a ball. That one was more distributed, though, while this one mostly happened in the fifth, with three errors helping to blow the game open for the Angels: Part of the Angels' first big strike included a Gary Matthews, Jr. steal of home. I don't care how many times it happens, it's the most exciting play in baseball.

The Angels, sporting types, let the Snakes storm back in the sixth with a series of pitches left up or in the zone or both, mostly on the arm of Kevin Jepsen; why the hell Mike Scioscia let him stay in long enough to embarrass himself in that way remains a mystery, but the Angels still managed to get it done, somehow.

Part of that was Jeff Mathis' solo shot in the eighth, and Izturis' two-run jack in the ninth; that put the game far enough away that even the Snakes really had no hope, and Brian Fuentes didn't let them score in the ninth. Scioscia has to be a little circumspect these days.

And the Angels finish interleague play 14-4, and (temporarily?) in first place in the AL West (the Rangers/Padres game is currently 1-0 San Diego).

Update 6/29: I should mention that the Snakes made a fourth error in the fourth that allowed Gary Matthews, Jr. to reach third, and then steal home in the next (Erick Aybar's) at-bat; they could have been charged with two more in the fifth had the Angels decided to advance. Gah.

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I don't think it's temporary -- if the Rangers win, they're still down by a half game? Or am I confused?
It's not often you see a first baseman botch a routine play like Reynolds did this afternoon. It wasn't clear at first, but I swear the replay showed the ball missing his glove completely. Do these boys have some issue with their new manager?

And who would have bet on the Padres one-hitting the Rangers in Arlington? One more reason for an Angels fan to love the NL West.
Yeah, the outcome of the Padres game was pure pleasure. I wish I could have seen it, but thanks to MLB's idiotic blackout rules, sorry.

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