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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Correction To Yesterday's Report On Courtney Stewart

A Register report indicates that Courtney Stewarts' blood alcohol level was actually .06 instead of .16, so she would have been under the legal limit for adults of drinking age; she was still over the limit for those in the cusp (old enough to drive, not old enough to drink).
Price said Stewart's peripheral blood alcohol content of .06 is the correct measurement, as was testified to by a doctor during grand jury hearings in the case. Price said because Gallo was at fault in the accident, Stewart's blood alcohol content is irrelevant.


This is a HORRIBLE screw up! My wife went to high school with Courtney's mom and has been in contact since the tragedy. I can only imagine the additional new pain this caused her yesterday - only to find out it was a terrible error today. I hope as many news outlets are as anxious to report this correction (as you were Rob) as they were to pass on the mistaken report.
It was really based on a straight, uninformed read of the Coroner's report, which shows a "postmortem blood ethanol" reading of 0.16, while a second line in the test shows 0.06 ("peripheral blood"). The second reading is apparently correct. Both the Register (linked above) and the OC Weekly have published corrections.
Yesterday's AP story doesn't cite any blood alcohol level.

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