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Friday, June 26, 2009

DEA Investigates Doctor Who Wrote Manny's Prescription

It's stuff like this that explains why people die in pain. Doctors are afraid to write legitimate prescriptions for pain medication for fear they'll be labled "Dr. Feelgood" types; what is the prescription pad for, anyway? Why bother with the rapidly-eroding idea that there's such a thing as doctor-patient confidentiality? Now that a federal database of all medical records got slipped in to the stimulus package, it's probably moot anyway, because the government has shown how little it actually cares about privacy. They won't need warrants once they already have every piece of medical data about you imaginable.

People whine about Manny being a cheater. There are few more disgusting and anti-social individuals on this earth than the prying, arrogant asses in the DEA.

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Yeah there will always be a few people who game the system. I think that should just be viewed as part of the cost of good medicine. The War on Drugs has been a total disaster. At times, the only real problems a drug user has are the costs imposed by The War--not by the drugs themselves. I think we need to be a lot more rational as societies when it comes to stuff like this, i.e., avoiding demonization, etc.
...avoiding demonization of drug/alcohol use that is. When comes to demonizing the DEA, I'm all for it!!!! ;)

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